Gladstone? There’s a cool history behind that name that few people know! Who are we and what are our values?


Plans for both Individuals and Businesses. We can make your healthcare more convenient and reduce your expenses.


Education is a critical to component to improve your healthcare. Learn about new innovations and discoveries.


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We Care

Nurse Practitioner Owned and Operated


Primary care services through virtual visits

Urgent Care

Same day appointments for urgent matters

Gladstone Medial Inc Virtual Healthcare


No deductibles and no insurance hassles


Healthcare in the comfort of your own home

Personal Touch

Longer visits instead of longer waits in the lobby

Gladstone Individual Healthcare Plans


The national average out-of-pocket medical expense for a family of four is between $2,500 and $12,000 per year. Choosing Gladstone means this same family would save between $900 and $7,500 per year!


As the cost of healthcare has continued to skyrocket, providing medical coverage for essential employees has become near impossible for many small businesses. Businesses can now protect their employees with Gladstone.

Gladstone Business Healthcare Plans

What our Patients say

We like to think that Gladstone is pretty awesome, but don’t take our word for it.  Check out what some of our patients, co-workers and business partners think of us!

“Jennifer is one of my favorite Nurse Practitioners.  Her bedside manner is top notch and she goes above and beyond in every aspect of her care and interactions.”


“I had the privilege of being both a coworker and patient of Jennifer. She shows compassion in all the work she does, putting heart and soul into all of her interactions.”


“As a small business owner, I could never afford heath insurance for my employees.  I can finally know that their health is in good hands with Jennifer and her team.”


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healthcare Education

Lifelong Learning is a critical element to improving your health.  New innovations and discoveries occur every day.  Take a few minutes to learn about some of the latest methods of elevating your health.

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