Our Name….

Have you ever heard of a Gladstone bag? 

Many years ago, before medical practices became overwhelmed with patients, it was commonplace for a doctor to make house visits.  During these visits, diagnostic tools and medical supplies were carried in a Gladstone Bag.  Today, we are excited to combine the convenience and personalized care of the past with the innovations of today!

Our Founder….

Get to know Jennifer!

Hi, my name is Jennifer Madasz. Thank you for visiting Gladstone Medical. I’m a Nurse Practitioner with a diverse personal and professional background that has helped me to connect with my patients on a meaningful level.

I became a nurse in 2005 and began my career by serving patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Over the past several years as a nurse practitioner, I have expanded my experience in hospital medicine, urgent care, psychiatric care, primary care and occupational health.

I am also a proud wife of many years with two children that consume my “free time”. We spend our free time watching our cheerleader on the sidelines during football and basketball season. This is balanced with sitting on the sidelines of the lacrosse field watching our favorite goalie.

My goal with Gladstone Medical is to provide ease and access to the medical care people deserve at a price they can afford.

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